VIZARIO® Documentation Solution

Isn't that true? Machines usually require very strict compliance with maintenance cycles and instructions. Traditionally these tasks were documented with paper and pencil. And still in our modern world, these tasks are not fully automated yet, but manual efforts (like e.g. taking notes and typing them into the computer) are required. 

With VIZARIO® we now offer a built in solution allowing for live documentation right at the site - right at the machine. All completely hands free. Including full compliance with instructions and manuals. For additional support of the worker on the factory floor manuals, machine parameter, 3D vizualizations etc. are available within our VIZARIO® maintenance solutions for industry operations. More on maintenance use cases: VIZARIO® Remote Maintenance

Key Features VIZARIO® Documentation

+ built in solution for documentation, maintenance & training

+ hands free, on-site documentation & recording

+ additional support with integrated manuals, machine parts, 3D visualization and more