Why camera calibration for Augmented Reality

The answer is as simple as that: One reason for low performance of AR apps is, that the intrinsic parameters of your device's camera are differing a lot. Thus - calibrating your camera enables to fully utilize the potential of modern computer vision algorithms, e.g. for face or object detection. Until now you needed several actions to utilize these Augmented Reality algorithms: additional tools, tedious acquisition of data and copying these data from the device to a desktop computer.

With VIZARIO® you now can do it all at once. Right on the device! Get it now!


1. Download VIZARIO.CAM App

VIZARIO.CAM is a small sized and free app available for Android and iOS. It is the leading solution for device calibration and extracting camera parameters.Using it you can calibrate mobile phone cameras without the need for additional software or SDKs.

Download now on Google Play and iOS App Store.

2. Calibrate

Easily generate calibration information about any mobile device's camera. With VIZARIO.CAM you can extract your camera's parameters on the go, right on the device.

3. Share results with your application

Directly export camera parameters for further use in your own application. Instant and hassle free.

As an additional service for developers we maintain a database of thousands of different device parameters for developers use.